Who’s Going To Be The PandoDaily of the South?

Finished up an exhilarating evening at Startup Academy over Hypepotamus. The amount of students, entrepreneurs, and overall doers in the room was inspiring to be around.

We were talking at length with students spanning Georgia Tech, Emory, GSU, to UGA about storytelling and the value it plays in a startup.

The South is rich with stories and storytelling: from Joel Chandler Harris’ Brer Rabbit (if you haven’t been to the Wren’s Nest in the WestEnd is a must!) to Outkast and Andre 3000’s Da Art of StoryTelling — we are drenched in storytelling.

However, hardly anyone is telling the South’s story of startup successes. So my question posed this evening: who is going to write our (the South’s) startup stories?

Three theories:

1) Urvaksh Karkaria – name another person more passionate about breaking a tech deal in the South. His drive and persistence to find the scoop is downright awe-worthy. But is the new school age of journalism less focuses on deal reporting? Is PandoDaily-esque reporting all the tech community needs?

Urvaksh should be the next Arrington of the South; we’re just all waiting for him to step up to the plate.

2) An Organization like Hypepotamus or SouthernAlpha – Hypepotamus is definitely one of the most connected organizations in Atlanta when it comes to tech. Their exposure to students, startups, and news is well worth the mention. I’m not sure if they’re into doing anything other than creating Connected Awesomeness…which includes storytelling, but perhaps not the way PandoDaily does. Who knows. SouthernAlpha is the closest thing I’ve seen to a Southern PandoDaily. I’ve never met the writer(s) but they have great content and solid storytelling. The big question: will they be able to cover all the news located in Nashville — let’s hope so.

3) Sleeper’s Pick/ Dark Horse – there’s a recent English grad who just graduated from Emory or UGA who wants to make a name for themselves. There’s no better way than to explore compelling stories not being told…and where’s the best place to find them? The South and in technology. Guys like Sam Solomon of Signal Tower have drive, passion, and are honing their craft with serious dedication. There are a few passionate writers looking to be to the PandoDaily of the South, perhaps one of them will break out as the go-to new source.

The South’s technology stories need to be told even more. The market and readership is there, the real question is who’s going to execute and become the Arrington/PandoDaily of the South? Only time will tell.

  1. Perhaps the most striking thing about this post, Jon is that PandoDaily is held up as the standard to aspire to. I’ve been hearing this more and more in the last year as TechCrunch as a media outlet loses its prestige among entrepreneurs.

    Do you think it’s impacted the TechCrunch Disrupt brand?

    • I think you’re spot on, Jacqui. PandoDaily has executed on it’s initial goal: to be come site of record for Silicon Valley. Their thoughtful and more detailed prose has proven that tech journalism can be won with less deal breaking and more insight to the industry, entrepreneur, and overall story.

      As for TC Disrupt? I don’t think it’s impacted the TC Disrupt brand. People still read it and entrepreneurs know users are interested in what’s coming out.

  2. Hey Jonny,

    Thanks for the shout out. We are working really hard on the publication and we love to hear from the community on how to make it better. There’s a ton of stuff coming from the SE right now and it’s vastly under-covered. We are aiming to be like Pando, FastCompany, Mashable, Garden & Gun of SE tech startups. Feel free to reach out any time if you have any suggestions. Kelley at southernalpha dot com.

  3. Sounds great Kelley. Keep up the great work and writing. Let us know when you make it to Atlanta and we’ll give you the royal tour.

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