NewMe Accelerator is Coming to Town


Every now and then, an organization reaches out and shares some of the interesting initiatives they’re doing. When it so happens to include Atlanta, it’s definitely worth writing about/interviewing. Below is a brief 3-question interview with NewMe’s Accelerator’s Program Manager, X’Zavierr Garland.

1. What’s the NewMe Accelerator story and why should Atlantans care?

NewME is a nationally-recognized startup accelerator that empowers female and minority-led startups. We’ve accelerated over 30 startups who have raised almost $6 million in startup capital funding. We’re making Silicon Valley accessible. We’ve been recognized by CNN, TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal, and other major publications for the work we do to empower underrepresented minorities in the tech industry. Our mission is to educate, accelerate, and empower underrepresented tech entrepreneurs around the world.

NewME is a 12-week accelerator program in San Francisco that gives entrepreneurs unprecedented access to Silicon Valley through workshops, coaching, speaker series, and immersion into the program.

This year we’re taking our 12-week accelerator program on the road to 13 cities across the country for three-night PopUp events that are essentially a condensed version of our Silicon Valley accelerator.

2. How is the NewMe Accelerator different than all the other accelerators out there?

We make Silicon Valley accessible to entrepreneurs who might not have the opportunity otherwise. Our vast network of Silicon Valley talent plays a large role in empowering our startups.

We’re able to connect the everyday entrepreneur to Silicon Valley resources that wouldn’t normally be available.

3. You guys have an event coming up in July, what makes it a must-attend event?

The PopUps provide one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops from our world-class pitch coach, and the ability to pitch your idea to a panel of judges as well as local tech community leaders including VC’s. Startups have a chance to win $45,000 worth of prizes from our partners, as well as a spot in our NewME Accelerator in San Francisco.

Thanks X’Zavierr.

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