Atlanta Startup Village #7 On Deck

Before we get to the next Atlanta Startup Village, it’s vital to share Techturized’s progress. Tomorrow night, 4/12 at Hypepotamus, their launch party is going down. Here is the official invite.  This company went through Atlanta’s accelerator, Flashpoint. They are the real deal. It should be a great night.

Atlanta Startup Village

Onwards to the next Atlanta Startup Village.

You guys aren’t going to believe the line-up we have. From multi-million dollar cashcows, to the business processer of the hottest currency in the world (BitCoin), this ASV has it all!

Besides, 80+ people have already booked their evening to spend it with you, the Atlanta entrepreneur; and the companies have not even been announced…until now.

RSVP here.

With no further adieu, we’re pleased to announce the presenters of Atlanta Startup Village #7:

Deductmor makes tax time a joy for the self-employed. Stage: Pre-revenue.
QGenda provides scheduling software for physicians who are on-call. Stage: 20+ employees
Kevy synchronizes data across your web-based applications that don’t currently talk to each other. Stage: launching this month.
PeachDish delivers a box of fresh ingredients for dinner for two every week for $20. Stage: launching this month.
BitPay is the world leader in Bitcoin business solutions Stage: seed round funded.

These are some powerhouse startups in Atlanta and definitely a must-attend Atlanta Startup Village.

Location: 5th Floor of the Atlanta Tech Village (Free Parking)
Starting Time:  Beer flows at 7:00 p.m. presentations start at 7:30 p.m.
Who: Anyone who wants to be constructive, respectful, pay it forward and learn about the Atlanta Startup Community.
When: Tuesday, April 30th.


Jamie Hamilton of the BIP Early Stage Fund is kind enough to sponsor the beers.
We haven’t started looking for Food Sponsors yet, but if you know anyone who wants to sponsor food, please shoot me a tweet: @JonnyBird.
Atlanta Tech Village is offering up their excellent space. Major major major thanks.
Hypepotamus is the eternal sponsor from their initial and continued support of Atlant Startup Village.

Atlanta Startup Village is co-hosted by Chris Beauregard of MailChimp and Jon Birdsong of WideAngle – 1 on 1 Meeting software, in coordination with the amazing staff of the Atlanta Tech Village.

See you all there!


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