New Column: Keeping Talent In Atlanta

In the normal, high-level rhetoric of “job generation,” “keeping talent in Atlanta,” and “leveraging the Southeast’s talent” that’s discussed frequently, today I came across a real-as-it-gets scenario with a recent grad who’s extremely talented and looking to move back to San Fran or Chicago.

Sam Solomon graduated from Auburn University last December.

After working as an editor of the college newspaper and dabbling in entrepreneurship as a Tiger…or War Eagle (ah, whatever). Sam went to manage CrowdFunder’s FB advertising campaign for a few months as over $14mm was pledged to push legislation through the Hill, more specifically the JOBS Act. After “watching Cspan, like never before,” it passed (well kind of). Sam applied via a Hacker News job to DrChrono in SF. After cold-emailing the CEO and landing the job, Sam spent 4 months contracting for DrChrono — a YCombinator startup — managing PPC campaigns, handling inbound leads, and designing landing pages.

While Sam worked at DrChrono, he applied to The Starter League —  37Signals’ 3-month bootcamp for building awesome web apps.  It’s held in Chicago’s 1871 building.  While there, he built Mountain Metrics, an analytics platform for Tumblr that is used by the Chicago History Museum.

Sam can write, design, code, and has successful experiences running online advertising. He’s a businesses’ dream. Yet, he’s 80% leaning towards heading back to Chicago or San Francisco. In the mean time, he’s staying close to the parents in Atlanta until he finds his ideal next gig.

Don’t take my word, just check out his personal project/blog and his personal site.

This is a story occurring regularly in Atlanta: talented people in tech leaving for Chicago, New York, or San Francisco.

I hope Sam decides to stay in Atlanta. After touring him through the ATV, he was excited to see something like Chicago’s 1871 in the works.


Keep Sam in the A


Keeping Talent In Atlanta is going to be a whenever-it’s-needed regular column sharing stories of extremely talented folks who are about to leave Atlanta to another city for whatever reason.

  1. I’ve found myself trying to encourage employees to date from time-to-time, in the hope of getting them rooted a bit more 🙂 Perhaps a bit selfish, but effective!

    • Ha! That is hilarious but yet very true!

  2. MariaJoyner said:

    Sam, Please stay in Atlanta!

    Jon – Really dig the Keeping Talent in Atlanta column. It would be interesting to add an update of whether they stayed or left. And if they stayed, what kept them here?

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