B2B Camp: How One Idea Can Galvanize an Entire Community

Tomorrow, over 350 sales and marketing professionals will flock to GTRI in midtown to hear the best practices in the sales and marketing industry. An “un-conference” traditionally seen in the B2C space is taking place where it’s very participatory and all talks are voted on by attendees. Three sales and marketing leaders from Atlanta, Anand Thaker, Kevin O’Malley, and Kyle Porter, saw a need for a fun, dynamic conference in an industry where the city of Atlanta is a top-notch player.

B2B Camp was born.

It only took a brief meeting in the TechSquare Starbucks and a soon-after domin registration for a talented team to begin work on what would become a breakout year for B2B Camp.

Three city-stops and over 1000 sales and marketing professionals later, the B2BCamp movement is booming. Cities like Atlanta, Boston, and DC are welcoming the aggregation of talent, information, and capital. Not surprisingly, sponsor dollars are flowing in from some of the most reputable tech companies in the game: Pardot, Eloqua, HubSpot, and many more.

Tomorrow’s event is jumpstarted by Atlanta Tech Village mastermind, David Cummings who’s speaking on 7 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Pardot.

The most exciting aspect of B2BCamp is the future. They have the opportunity to take this one idea developed at Starbucks and help craft the future of the sales and marketing industry for years to come. It’s a journey that’s fun to be a part of especially since it’s home grown right out of Tech Square.

The waiting list is 65 deep but I still recommend you sign up. Writing as a B2BCamp veteren, you’ll leave tomorrow’s event informed, excited, and with some great leads.


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