3 Ways Feeders Can Support the Atlanta Startup Community

Coming off last week’s high at Atlanta Startup Village #4 (pictured below) where Brad Feld talked about building startup communities and Atlanta, we wanted to pen a quick piece on how feeders can help the Atlanta Startup Community. Let’s make sure we’re all on the same page and define a “feeder.”

In Brad Feld’s Startup Communities, he puts people in one of two categories: entrepreneurs or feeders.

Feeders are everyone else in the startup community.

They include service providers, folks in government, universities, etc.

Lots of smart, kind, and helpful people in Atlanta are feeders and that’s great for our startup community.

If we can efficiently leverage the feeders to help build our startup community, it will make the journey of building a business smoother and more fun!

Here are the top 3 ways feeders can support the Atlanta Startup Community.

1. Sponsor local events. Each Atlanta Startup Village costs about $800 an event…that’s the going rate for free pizza and free booze for 150+ people. With more value-add events on the horizon, helping sponsor an Open Coffee Club (which someone should definitely start in Atlanta) or a cool meetup is huge. Jen Bonnett of the ATDC has sponsored the last couple of ASV’s with left over funds from Atlanta Startup Weekend. Rock on Jen. Major thanks.

2. Educate us on your business and industry: We all need accountants, lawyers, and office space. Educate us on your business in a convenient way. If I were a feeder looking to drum up business in the Atlanta Startup Community, I’d start writing about ways my industry expertise can help an entrepreneur. A great example of someone who’s done this really well is Matthew May as the The Tech CPA.

3. Refer leads: Every company is always looking for new leads. Good entrepreneurs are always selling. If you think existing customers of your’s would be a good prospect for a company, let them know about it.

Feeders should never be looked upon as a deficiency in a community. We need everyone in Atlanta to help build the startup community.

Go Falcons!

Atlanta Startup Village

Atlanta Startup Village #4 Photo credit: Adam Wexler (@thewordpainter)


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  1. Great points all the way around. I’m not from atlanta, but these apply to any community! An extension of point 2 could be that there’s no reason feeders shouldn’t hold open office hours much like many successful founders do to share their knowledge. A great way to help the community, and not a bad way to find clients who might need more help than you can give in a few minutes.

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