How to Start, Build, and Sell a Company for $95.5 mil in Atlanta

It is hard as a rock to network in the Atlanta Startup scene. Network in a valuable sense of the word — I’m not talking about the numerous events where people whip out business cards like chinese throwing stars. I’m talking about valuable networking where you come away from an exchange with more knowledge and a deeper understanding of something after the exchange.

It’s happend a few times for me. Back in 09′ at a TAG Breakfast event, where my broke self paid $35 to listen to Reggie Bradford talk about his story leading up to Vitrue. You better believe after $35 and a stale croissant that I was charging to meet him afterwards. He was immeasurably pleasant and ended up taking time out of his day a few weeks later to meet.

It’s also happend on more than one occasion at the ATDC during the monthly Entrepreneur nights. Whether is was David Rudolph of PlayOn Sports or Andy Monin of Vendormate, I left those “networking” events saying “damn, so that’s how they’re doing it.”

Here are these guys with immense experience, leading teams, building businesses, and taking some time to share how they’re doing it. It’s awesome.

This doesn’t happen much in Atlanta.

There aren’t many Tech talks, weekly storytellings, or tons of valuable get togethers.

It’s sad too. In a city and region that — frankly, has gone through a lot in the past generation or two — the one common denominator we all share is appreciation for great storytelling. Look no further than our city’s historic West End neighborhood for proof.

We’ll good things for us, times are changing.

Starting this Thursday, ScottyHendo of Hypepotamus is having a fireside chat with David Cummings.

If you don’t know David’s story, it pretty much the blue print of how to start, build, and sell a business in Atlanta for an almost cool nine figures in the span of 5 years. And, in the words of the immortal Sinatra, “I did it my way.” He had no strings attached from VC money, no smoke and mirrors, just one happy customer after the next unti all of sudden you lift your head above the trenches and you’re standing next to double digit thousands stacks of monthly recurring revenue.

So, as always, come one, come all. This will be an evening I promise you’ll leave saying to yourself “damn, so that’s how he did it.”

Details and sign up are here.

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