IdeaMensch Stops In Atlanta this Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

The IdeaMensch team is on their 48-state road trip touring the nation, uncovering stories of how folks are bringing their ideas to life. We originally met the IdeaMensch team in Boulder, Colorado as a packed room of entrepreneurs, activists, and overall good people listened to David Cohen and others share their stories. After the event, we wanted to make sure Atlanta was on their roadmap.

In a city battling a steady flow of empty networking events, rest assured that Wednesday night’s IdeaMensch will be worth the time and money ($10).

Why? Because this is a value-add event. The format fosters education, questions, and a dialogue among entrepreneurs. The quickest wit and deepest insight win at IdeaMensch, not the quickest draw of the business card.

It’ll be held over on the Westside at StrongBox West, starting at 6:00 p.m. So get ready to brown bag a PBR tallboy and signup here.

The Speakers: (copy and pasted right form the IdeaMensch Atlanta page except for Erin’s. I included a link to a badass video she’s working on)

Erin Levin is an award-winning humanitarian journalist and filmmaker. Her production and outreach experience ranges from ABC and CNN to the Peace Corps and non-profits around the world. She’s also working on a powerful video right now: watch it here. 

Kyle Porter is the Founder of SalesLoft, a company providing sales intelligence software which enables sales reps to close more deals and speed up their sales cycles.

Gundeep Hora is the Founder of Digify Media, a mobile-only media company responsible for apps such as TrendOY!, which helps people save time with instant news alerts in various content verticals.

Steve Youngblood is the Co-Foudner of Salestrakr, an innovative SaaS customer relationship management (CRM) application.


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