Hack-a-thons: The lifeblood of Atlanta’s Startup Community

On a perfect fall day in Atlanta, most of the city is setting up their tailgates with TVs tuned to College GameDay or savoring the food at Taste of Atlanta, our city’s 3 day food festival showcasing Atlanta’s finest restaurants. Yet, less than a touchdown pass away from Taste of Atlanta, our generation’s most innovative and dedicated engineers are tackling the world’s problem.

Coffee, Krispy Kreme donuts, and Mountain Dew fuel the hackers in a Georgia Tech Hack-a-thon — a competition put on by the Tech Entrepreneur Society. Students, entrepreneurs, and talented developers have dedicated their Friday and Saturday to build something great. Something they can showcase to each other and four judges later this evening.

Teams huddle around tables in the newest co-working space in the city, Hypepotamus, and we stopped by to see what they’re working on. Below are a few of the teams:

Helping Hand: A community organizing management software, Helping Hand helps streamline and manage the workflow required to create a community organized event.

Spawned by Kevin Fay, the idea hopes to make community organizing easy and more manageable for everyone from non-profits to neighborhood organizations. “A lot of people want to help but don’t know how to help. Helping Hand helps community organizations let people know: ‘hey I need help now, here’s how you can do.'” Fay believes the flashmob movement that’s swept the nation in the past few years can easily be applied to community organizations.

Team:  @iamkevinfay | @parkper | @TheSharocko | @bisham3

atlanta startup community

The Helping Hand team takes a break from coding for some sandwiches and smiles.

Intentionability: An app that helps you stay focused on your most important goals of the day by notifying you on predefined action-items set by the user.

Team member, Jared Malen, described the problem best: “my day is driven by my inbox. In reality I should be focused on the top 3 to 5 most important actions for the day. Intentionability keeps you focused on those tasks so you can get the most out of your day and time.”

Team:  @jfals82 | @TimRMartinJR | @samelawrence | @wnadeau

Atlanta Startup Community

The Intentionability team codes away.

The hack-a-thon ends this evening as all the teams present to the judges what they’ve built in the last 36 hours.

As the city’s greatest innovators perfect their craft, they’re also seeking to solve problems with the help of each other. It’s no secret that the lifeblood of the Atlanta Startup Community is fueled by the engineers of our city. The big question is how do we add more fuel to fire?

Atlanta Startup Community

The Georgia Tech Hack-a-thon.

  1. Pete Franconi said:

    Damn – I can’t believe I missed this. How can I find out about other upcoming events?

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