Why more of Atlanta’s startup community leaders should blog?

Last week, i was in the unofficial headquarters of the Atlanta Startup Community (TechSquare Starbucks) and ran into Director of GT’s Venture Lab, ex-Apple/Yahoo guy, and super smart AI expert, Keith McGreggor. He was helping a pair of students with their startup over a cup a joe.

After his meeting, we talked briefly about the Atlanta Startup Community and ways it could be improved.

Starting small is essential and one very easy way to start small is blogging.

The exact words I mentioned to Keith: “Keith you’re one of the smartest guys in the Atlanta Startup Community, you’ve just gone through the most advanced and comprehensive training programs to train entrepreneurs to be successful. Why don’t you share it online? We want you to blog, we want to get more of your thoughts”

Keith is very active on Twitter and has lots of compelling exchanges with numerous folks, but those exchanges get lost in the instancy of Twitter.

I look at Keith as an extremely valuable asset to the Atlanta Startup Community, but we’re only getting exposed to him in little, 140 character clips.

Value of Atlanta’s Thoughts Leaders Blogging:  

– Promotes the city of Atlanta.
– Formalizes the thoughts and opinions of experienced entrepreneurs.
– Provides a platform for community members to connect with leaders outside of Twitter.
– Informs the community of what thought leaders are doing and thinking.
– Facilitates connections and relationships difficult to manufacture on Twitter or offline.

I respect Keith and write this post because he prodded me to prod him about blogging. But I challenge more leaders in the tech community — folks in the Venture Lab and Venture Catalysts at the ATDC — to blog their experiences and share their insight. There’s only one entrepreneur that comes to mind when you think of Atlanta, technology, and blogging…that would be David Cummings.

In the midst of building great companies, the Atlanta Startup Community should blog more. If you say it can’t be done, look at other cities with great startup communities and then ask the same question again.

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  1. It’s hard for me to even describe all the value that I’ve been able to take away from David’s blog. Atlanta has its own unique challenges and perspectives & so many of us would benefit by hearing from the other local start-up gurus in town. Great prodding job JB! Can’t wait to read the first post Keith 🙂

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