Hypepotumus has all the right ingredients

Today, I had the pleasure to work out of Atlanta’s hottest co-working space: Hypepotamus. The place is awesome. Housed in the basement of the historic Biltmore hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s got the right vibe for creativity, productivity, and fun.

Photo courtesy of Kyle Porter (@kylegport)

Other companies working out of hypeptamus include Badgy, We and Co, and N4MD.

The only thing missing are more dedicated people building and selling cool stuff. This is a developer’s playground (ask Rob Kischuk). It’s located blocks away from the Klaus Computing building. Perfect. The big question is how do we inform students this gem is right next door to their classrooms?

One idea: hold an informative session showcasing something amazing the community has built.  Show people it can be done and that people are doing it now. It could be a product, company, or game. Invite all the allstars like MattsTech and co to experience the place and its great vibe.

The Atlanta Startup Community has improved dramatically in the last 3 months since we left for TechStars Boulder and it’s only going to get better.

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  1. I was also very impressed with Hypepotamus today but I’m not sure the same question should be about getting students in there but more so how do we get more entrepreneurs in there?

    I’m curious also how we get it to thrive and grow since the Heath & Kevin are funding the space themselves and not charging anyone to use it.

    Either way, these guys deserve mad props for their contribution to the community!

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