The “Best Boss Ever” Spends 20% of His Time Progressing His Startup Community

Tonight, FullContact CEO, Bart Lorang gave an amazing talk about fund raising, startup culture, and shared his story of how he became the “Best Boss Ever” (true title) by providing the innovative Paid Paid Vacation. After the talk, we asked him how much time he spent building the Denver Startup Community. He responded “probably 20% of my time goes into organizing and providing value to the community.” I couldn’t believe it. 20%! Bart’s company just raised a $7mm round, he’s about to get married, and blogs prolifically. It’s his way of passionately giving back and it’s amazing.

Who are the Bart’s in Atlanta’s Startup Community? Successful, proven entrepreneurs giving time with no incentive other than to promote and help the community. How many entrepreneurs can we turn into Barts?

It was quite an inspiring talk this evening. It gave great hope that you can build an awesome company while spending significant time building the community.

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