#TCATL Proves Startup Communities Must Be Led By Entrepreneurs

Startup Communities are led by entrepreneurs. This fact was clearly displayed when TechCrunch rolled in town bringing more excitement to Atlanta than a Roddy White touchdown. Over 1300 hundred techies, entrepreneurs, and outstanding Atlantans convened in one of our city’s favorite watering hole to talk technology and get face time with a few of the country’s most influential tech writers. 

Let’s take a look at how this technology hoedown transpired and the key factors making it such a success. TechCrunch posted the announcement of their arrival in Atlanta.  I believe it was in the comments (now all them removed) where it was discovered the event venue had yet been decided or confirmed. CodeGuard CEO, David Moeller, stepped up and led the process of finding a venue.

This lead to finding sponsors, co-organizers, and orchestrating the event — all key factors of a successful event. An excellent recap of the evenings success was documented by CodeGuard’s team.   As for the effectiveness of the event, I heard of 2 cases where writers verbally committed to writing an article about an Atlanta startup. Also, the Venture Atlanta team was doing an incredible job of lobbying the writers to come back in October for their annual showcase. Way to take initiative Allyson! The Atlanta community is waiting to be organized in a valuable way; TechCrunch’s meetup was a prime example.

What other ways can Atlanta’s Startup Community organize in a meaningful way? I have my ideas of what’s worked extremely well at TechStars Boulder, but feel free to offer ideas and suggestions in the comments.


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